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Llano Negro
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Property with country house in an absolute quiet location

This property is located in the municipality of Garafía, in Llano Negro. Situated at an altitude of approximately 870 metres, it offers views of the surrounding mountains. The property includes two plots with a total area of about 19.760 m², where a one-storey country house of approximately 110 m² consisting of a living-kitchen-dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom is located. The house is in need of general repairs.

Regarding the building materials, the walls are made of concrete blocks, the roof is flat slab and the floors are tiled. In terms of utilities, the property has electricity nearby and its own water right.

The land is divided into two main sections: one of approximately 9,627 m², levelled in terraces, with good soil for crops and fruit trees, indicating that it is partially cultivated. The other section, of approximately 10.133 m², is uncultivated. The property has direct access from the street, which facilitates its accessibility.

In summary, this property offers a balance between agricultural and residential potential, although it requires investment in improvements and maintenance. Its location and the characteristics of the land make it an interesting option for those seeking tranquillity and connection with nature on La Palma.

  • Municipality of GARAFÍA
  • Locality of LLANO NEGRO
  • With mountain view
  • ca. 870 m above sea level
- The property consists of 2 plots with a total area of approx. 19.760 m²
- Single storied dwelling house of approx. 110 m² overbuilt space
  • Living-dining-kitchen
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • The house needs an overall restoration
  • Walls made of common hollow blocks
  • Flat roof
  • Ceramic floor tiles
  • Electricity nearby
  • Private water share
The property has approx. 19.760 m²
Property of about 9.627 m²
  • Ground: levelled into terraces
  • Good farmland
  • Fruit Trees
Property of about 10.133 m²
  • Property left in its natural state
  • Entrance directly from the street
  • Property in a very quiet place
  • Cultivation areas
  • Fertile land

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Mortgage enquiry

Every purchase of real estate causes additional costs to the stated selling price, generally in the range of 10 to 11 %. These expenses are usually the following:
  • the land transfer tax: 6.5 % of the purchase price
  • the costs of land registration
  • the notary fees
  • the costs of changing ownership in the cadastre
  • the professional fee payable by the buyer to the real estate agency: 3 % (minimum 1,800 Euros, IGIC not included) of the real purchase price
Additional costs and variations to be considered:
  • the mortgage costs, in the case of financing the purchase
  • If the seller is a promoter, there is no land transfer tax to pay, but 7 % IGIC plus 1 % for documented juridic acts tax, of the purchase price
Standard remark: the descriptions are redacted with the data provided by the sellers. INMOBILIARIA LA PALMA - ILP LEO BOHNKE S.L.U. disclaims all responsibility about possible deviations or errors between what is described here and the reality. However, before we begin the buying process, we do all the in-depth checks about the property.
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